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For people who sign up for studies during the summer recruitment, we have prepared attractive discounts in fees.


discount for the entire period of study

  • 10% discount for high school graduates 2021
  • 10% discount for uniforms


one tuition

  • for candidates for pedagogical studies.


discounts for soldiers of the 12th Mechanized Division

  • discounts for soldiers of the 12th Mechanized Division


two tuition fees

  • for our 2021 graduates


discounts on certifications (selected by SSW CB) during studies in the field of computer science and dietetics

  • the costs are covered by the University

Promotions cannot be combined with each other. A student enrolling in studies may take advantage of one promotion.

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Student’s life

Social scholarship
This scholarship may be applied for by a student in a difficult financial situation, whose net income does not exceed the amount determined by the Rector’s decision in agreement with the student government.


Scholarship for people with disabilities
This scholarship may be awarded to a Student who has a certificate of disability degree or another type of certificate issued by a competent authority.


Chancellor’s Scholarship
The Rector’s scholarship may be awarded to a student who has obtained outstanding results in science, scientific or artistic achievements or sports achievements in competition at least at the national level.


A student who is temporarily in a difficult life situation may receive assistance. It is a one-off aid which you can apply for at most twice in an academic year.

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The assumption of scientific circles is to go beyond the schemes, program framework, unconventional learning about the world. At our University, there are research clubs initiated, co-created and run by the students themselves.


INAczej research club

The originators of the circle were students of pedagogy, whose intention is, inter alia, creating conditions for members of the circle to broaden their knowledge, awakening interest in scientific and research work, preparing students for scientific activity and cooperation with organizations and institutions working for education, care and upbringing.


The new section of the INAczej research club

The research group of internal security students started its activity in the summer semester from 2019. also on the initiative of students. The club deals with, among others, expanding knowledge in the field of security, public administration and contemporary political systems.

The Erasmus + program offers financial support to institutions and organizations active in the field of education and training, youth and sports initiatives in Europe. The Szczecin University of Collegium Balticum supports the objectives of the program by enabling students to complete some of their studies and internships abroad. Employees and students can also take part in short training forms.

Erasmus is an opportunity to:

  • part of the studies at a foreign university,
  • improving the knowledge of foreign languages,
  • learning about teaching methods in other countries,
  • gaining experience in an international environment,
  • making new friends and getting to know other cultures,
  • most employment opportunities.

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