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Cosmetology Studies (BA)

Cosmetology is a major in the field of medical sciences, health sciences and physical culture sciences. Therefore, a cosmetologist is a specialist in the care of skin, hair and nails. It deals with the broadly understood prophylaxis, the main goal of which is to delay the external signs of aging and to maintain the skin’s vitality for as long as possible. It is a profession of the future in the service industry, similar in terms of skill structure to medical skills due to the content in the field of dermatology, anatomy, skin physiology and first aid.

The cosmetologist works with a dermatology doctor, pharmaceutical technician, and cosmetic service technician due to the recommended products – skin care supplements and recommended care methods.

Profile of a candidate in cosmetology

Features for cosmetology studies: aesthetic sense, reliability, accuracy, responsibility, personal culture and tact, the need for development.

Typical behaviors in the field of cosmetology: is up to date with the latest trends in body care, pays attention to aesthetic appearance, is not afraid of challenges, likes working with people and for people.

Useful interests for cosmetology studies: fashion, beauty, healthy lifestyle, cosmetic news, trends.

Specializations in the field of Cosmetology of the first degree


Studia Kosmetologiczne Podologia - Dla kogo?

Specialization in cosmetology studies: Podiatry

For whom?

The studies are intended for people who would like to obtain qualifications allowing to diagnose and help in the treatment of foot defects and disorders. If you are interested in dermatology, anatomy, aesthetic appearance and would like to work with people at high risk, such as seniors or diabetics, this specialty is certainly for you.

Knowledge and competences:

Completion of the podiatry specialization equips the graduate with knowledge and skills enabling the diagnosis of foot diseases, providing the patient with tips on foot and leg care, the use of specialist cosmetic preparations and basic pharmaceuticals, or performing corrective and care treatments that relieve particularly vulnerable places.

An additional advantage of the specialty:

The advantage of graduating from this specialization is the ability to open your own cosmetology office.

Work for a graduate:

Podiatry clinics, rehabilitation clinics, diabetes clinics, nursing homes for seniors, sanatoriums, orthopedic clinics, pedicure clinics, SPA & amp; Wellness centers, rehabilitation clinics, massage parlors, educational centers in the field of corrective gymnastics, public and private specialist clinics, sports centers and centers fitness.

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SPA and biological regeneration

Kim mogę być po Studiach Kosmetologicznych: SPA i odnowa biologiczna

Specialization in cosmetology studies: SPA and biological regeneration

For whom?

The studies are intended for people who want to work with people, help them improve their appearance, as well as people with facial injuries, as part of aesthetic cosmetology, to restore their self-confidence. The Spa and biological regeneration specialty is for people who value and care about aesthetics, good and healthy appearance. If your interests lie in the field of biology, cosmetic chemistry, cosmetic novelties, dermatology etc. Choosing this specialty is a bull’s eye.

Knowledge and competences:

You will gain knowledge in the field of biomedical and psychosocial health determinants, skills in shaping healthy eating behavior and cooperation with other specialists, social competences enabling effective communication in various environments of people in need of support and education.

An additional advantage of the specialty:

Thanks to graduating from the SPA and biological regeneration specialization, the graduate can work in various types of recreation centers, rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums, etc.

Work for a graduate:

Wellness centers in SPA & Wellnes centers, wellness centers, beauty salons, aesthetic surgery clinics, sports centers, fitness clubs, hotels, tourist centers, resorts, spas. After completing the SPA and biological regeneration specialization, the graduate is prepared to work in various positions, such as: specialist, consultant, administrative worker or manager or manager.

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