iYouth is missioned to carry out practical experimentation with open schooling approaches fostering innovation mind-sets and capacity in secondary schools, addressing young students aged 12 – 15 which is unanimously confirmed as precisely the years when most young students lose interest in science learning and careering thus disengaging from what could be turned into strong innovation capacity. The rationale of the iYouth project is to carry out practical experimentation with the creation of innovation interest, skills and capacity in early schooling, including developing appropriate methodologies and assessment approaches. The project is focused on innovation interest, skills and capacity, but will at the same time will contribute considerably to the creation of early entrepreneurial mentality among the participating students and teachers.

  • TITLE: Empowering Europe’s Young Innovators- The desire to innovate (iYOUTH)
  • PROJECT NUMBER: 2016-1-RO01-KA201-024399
  • DURATION:  01/09/2016- 31/08/2018
  • WEBSITE: www.iyouths.eu


  • The iYouth Resource Center
  • The iYouth practical guidance collection
  • The iYouth 30-minute video about innovation
  • The iYouth policy paper
  • The iYouth special: research recommendations for the Empowering European’s Young Innovators Agenda


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