Dear Sir/Madam,

SSW Stargardinum has a pleasure to announce that you will have the possibility to travel to Latvia very soon within European educational project “Digital Storytelling: Emprovement for Resilience”, project number 2014-3-LV02-KA105-000573.

What? A one week training on Digital Storytelling: Empowerment for Resilience

Where? In Valmiera, LATVIA

Who? Youth workers at the age of 18-45 working with different target groups – rural youth, socially disadvantaged youth, youth with special needs, young migrants, etc. A commutative English language knowledge is a must. The project will take place with the participation of 30 people from the following countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland and Latvia.

How to apply? What you need is just to fill the application questionnaire (KWESTIONARIUSZ ZGŁOSZENIOWY) attached to this e-mail and send it to: b.kusiak@cb.szczecin.pl. Pay attention to task number 12 which is crucial in the selection of the training participants.

Costs? Accommodation and alimentation are guaranteed by organisator; travel costs will be reimbursed up to the amount of 275 EUR.

Deadline to apply: 29/03/2015

If you have any questions please write SSW Stargardinum International Projects Office: b.kusiak@cb.szczecin.pl

Do not hesitate! Go for the adventure in Valmiera!


  1. Personal questionnaire
  2. Programme

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