The main aim of the project is developing tools that are inspired in the universal principle philosophy of overcoming intercultural barriers of communication.

  • TITLE: Technology from everyone to each one of us
  • PROJECT NUMBER: 2018-1-PT01-KA201-047292
  • DURATION: 19/09/2018-18/10/2020


  • Mobile app to learning languages
  • European Pictogram Communication Language (EPCL)


  • Grouping of Schools of Aljustrel (Portugal)
  • ETIC Algarve (Portugal)
  • University of Thessaly (Greece)
  • Association for Developing Voluntary Work (Slovenia)
  • Associazione N.E.T. Networking Education & Training (Italy)
  • Collegium Balticum (Poland)
  • IES Juan del Enzina (Spain)
  • Bulgarian Development Agency (Bulgaria)

Partnerzy Uczelni

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