The Box of our Memories project aimed to improve the availability of memory-based, digital and informal educational initiatives for seniors. This was achieved by expanding the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies of adult educators from informal caregivers and family members to volunteers and educational staff at museums and archives. Reminiscence therapy, involves the use of life stories – written, oral or both – to improve psychological well-being, especially for older adults with dementia. There is growing evidence of the effectiveness of non-pharmacological health interventions to alleviate the stressful effects of dementia, particularly the positive stimuli of interaction with music and digitization.

  • PROJECT NAME: Box of our Memories – Adult education program caring for memory loss.

  • PROJECT AGREEMENT NUMBER: 2020-1-PL01-KA204-081598


  • PROJECT DURATION: 01/09/2020-31/05/2023

  • Methodology guide – list of good practices in the field of museology and support for people with dementia, as well as strategies for implementing innovative ideas using the tools developed in the Boom project.

  • Professional development course (CPD) for adult educators. The goal of the CPD is to enable participants from different fields dealing with memory and memory loss to improve their competence and share their experiences in the aforementioned field

  • Online toolkit for informal education of adults (caregivers, family members, volunteers)

  • Online platform and application Box of our Memories

  • Coordinator: ANS Collegium Balticum (Poland)

  • GRYD (UK)

  • ELDERBERRY (Sweden)

  • ANS (Italy)

  • MSO (Croatia)

  • SYMPLEXIS (Greece)

  • DORNBIRN (Austria)

BOX Project
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Logo BOX

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Microsoft Azure – platforma chmurowa firmy Microsoft stworzona w modelu PaaS.

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